Study Abroad: Vietnam Final Project

When mentioning my Study Abroad destination, Viet Nam, many minds immediately associate the country to war and communism. I was asked many questions along the lines of; “Were they nice to you? Don’t they hate Americans? Was everyone communist? Were you scared?” Questions like these made me realize how narrow minded North Americans can be.  With the war being over for a solid generation, it’s time we look past the myths of yesterday and see Viet Nam for what it is today; a unique new country filled with humans  walking through life.  This series is black and white digital photography cropped into thin, narrow frames. These images are cropped “thin” to resemble the narrow minds of the people who cannot see past old propaganda. This body of work aims to show Vietnam today. My hope is that these images educate people on how similar the Vietnamese are to Americans yet also remind how vibrant, unique and strong Vietnam as a country truly is. ​
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