Undergraduate Final Project
I feel that in my surrounding society, physical appearance acts as a deciding factor on whether we choose
to accept, recognize, or interact with a person. Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy claims that personal identity “refers to certain properties to which a person feels a special
sense of attachment or ownership. Someone's personal identity in this sense consists of those features she
takes to ‘define her as a person’ or ‘make her the person she is’”. I feel is all too common in our society
to judge a person’s identity based off their physical or audible appearance. I wish for a society where the
individual is identified by what they chose.
My body of art fights against this notion of prejudice based on appearance through portraits in the
form of silhouettes of people varying of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Through silhouette photographs 
I aim to take away the uncontrollable physical identifiers people were born with. Each image is
photographed with black and white medium format film and printed in a darkroom onto a circular wood tree ring in
attempt to create a unifying background and style, while also relating to a human finger print. 
Furthermore, each model provided a short statement on how they would
like to be identified if physical appearance was taken out of the picture. Each participant’s
descriptions, in theory, can be applied randomly to any portrait. This emphasizes that identity is not only
face value. I hope to convey that “you cannot judge a book by its cover”.
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